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Can we choose the trainer we want to come to our school?

You can make a request, and we will work to honor that request, but the final determination of who comes to present the material will be based on your school’s specific needs, the trainer’s area of expertise, and availability.


Can we do more than one training in a day?

Yes, you can request several trainings for one day.  The workshop content and schedule will be arranged with someone from your site and one of our trainers before any final plans are arranged.  We can plan more than one day if needed. We will help you plan and organize the trainings based on your needs.


Do the trainings have to go in a special order?

In order to get the most out of the training you may want to provide certain “foundational” trainings first, especially for Beyond Classroom Conflict.  We will make those suggestions when we help you plan your workshops.


Will I know what my employees say in a mediation or dispute analysis interview?

Mediations are confidential. If the administrator is not part of the mediation, information will not be given unless the parties involved give permission. Some suggestions about policy or procedure change may be given after a mediation, but no specific details or confidential information will be shared.  Information gathered during a dispute analysis interview will be compiled and used to help administrators make strategies to overcome and avoid conflict. They will not be given notes about specific interviews with details on what employees said. Information will be given as a whole and confidentialities honored.


What dates are available?

We are willing to come to your site on weekdays, evenings or weekends. We will help you determine how our availability best fits your needs when we work to schedule your program. The Upcoming Workshops on Beyond Classroom Conflict can give an idea of the current BCC workshop schedule.  We will work to find a date and time that is beneficial for your situation when you contact us.


Our situation is unique. What if you don’t know what to do?161576025-web

Our consultants have training and experience to work with many different situations. We will be open and honest and help you find another appropriate source of help if your issues are beyond our capabilities.


Is there a discount if we plan a spiritual direction retreat and a congregation plan through Aim for Resolution?

We would love to help a church in multiple ways. At this time we negotiate special situations on an individual basis. Please contact us to schedule and we will discuss possibilities.


Will information you gather about our day care be sent to a licensing agent?

Our goal when we enter a school or day care center is to assist and help the program.  No confidential information will be sent to another source unless we feel there is a situation of abuse, neglect or broken laws. In such cases we are responsible to make a report, just like any other person would be responsible.  We are not looking to report and harm you or your program. Our goal is to help your staff and children learn to resolve conflict peacefully, which will make your program safer and more marketable.


If we plan a retreat format for our congregation with Aim for Resolution, who will preach the sermon on Sunday?

Arrangements will be made when you schedule the program. You will be aware and agree upon the roles of the consultants. Should there be a need to alter the original plan, you will be made aware of those changes and have an opportunity to give input/consent.


For a workshop, does the consultant provide refreshments?

The workshop host (the school, day care, church, business, etc.) will be responsible for the setting, including refreshments. We will make suggestions during the planning stage for ways to make the most of your session environment.


Are there deposits required?

To schedule a workshop or other event, there will be a non-refundable deposit. Those details will be discussed when you contact us to schedule an event.


How are travel fees billed?

Travel fees will be different for each location.  We will arrange the travel fees when you schedule the event. You will have a concrete idea of the travel fee involved. Details will be confirmed prior to the event.