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Facilitating Restoration of Relationship that Leads to Transformation.

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Training children to resolve conflict in a way that restores relationship and transforms the classroom into an environment focused on learning and educational growth.

Aiming for Resolution

Coming alongside congregations, businesses, and families as they work towards resolution, restoration and transformation of relationships.

Spiritual Formation

Working to help people respond to the depth of God’s call in the midst
of their everyday lives so that they may experience “life to the full.”

Resolving Classroom Conflict

We help teachers learn to train students to address conflict in a healthy manner.  The goal is to train children to resolve conflict in a way that restores relationship and transforms the classroom into an environment focused on learning and educational growth.  If students are empowered to resolve these issues teachers are empowered to do what we all need them to do, focus on teaching and education.  Nancy will provide leadership and direction for this piece of A Place in the Conversation.

Resolving Relational Conflict

We help address conflicted relationships in all other areas of life.  The goal is to come alongside people and journey with them towards resolution, restoration and transformation of relationship.  Having been part of congregational fellowships our entire lives, it is natural for there to be a focus on helping congregations in conflict.  Our hearts desire is to also come alongside congregations in seasons of peace and harmony and help them prepare plans for dealing with conflict in a healthy manner so when the rough times come there is a plan to guide them through.  Aim for Resolution will also have conflict resolution resources for families, businesses, and others who find themselves in the midst of relationship turmoil. 

Spiritual Formation

In his role as Spiritual Formation Catalyst Dan Nicewonger’s focus is on spiritual direction, both personal and corporate. He works with individuals and congregations as they seek to restore, deepen and transform their relationship with the Heavenly Father.  Deepening this vertical relationship will lead to clarity of life and purpose and transformation of the individual, community and world.

Dan’s journey away from the institutional programs towards a focus on spiritual formation began during his time at Memorial Baptist Church in Cortland, NY.  He came to understand the invitation to live as a follower of Jesus and experience “life to the full” had less to do with planning and programs and more to do with “being” and relationships.

Rev. Daniel Nicewonger

Executive Director / Spiritual Formation Catalyst

Nancy’s interest in conflict resolution was birthed in her time spent with elementary age children. She designed a unique approach to addressing conflict in the classroom which empowered children to relate with each other in a healthy manner and deal with the issues themselves rather than “run crying to the teacher”. 

Nancy Nicewonger

Lead Facilitator

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