Nancy Nicewonger

Lead Facilitator

Helping individuals and communities resolve conflict and find a path toward peace

Nancy's Caregiver Journal

Nancy shares lessons learned as she serves as Dan’s caregiver.


Nancy uses her training in conflict resolution to live out Jesus’ teaching, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

Our lead Facilitator, Nancy Nicewonger, brings a wealth of knowledge gained from experience and training that will be beneficial for your organization.

Nancy prepared to work as a facilitator during her long career as an educator. With over 30 years experience as a teacher and administrator, Nancy has served others, helping them learn, grow and achieve their full potential.

In the 18th year of a career as an educator, Nancy became focused on peacemaking.

Conflicts will never go away, but peacemaking can resolve conflict in a healthy way that promotes restored relationships. Nancy began using a peacemaking approach working with young children, then expanded the focus to working with adults and organizations.

Adding intentional peacemaking into an educational setting or into another type of organization can relieve many damaging situations that take the focus away from the reason the groups vision. Peacemaking allows work to progress without the distraction of destructive conflict.

Whether you are seeking help with a specific situation or if you want to create a plan to proactively seek peaceful resolutions in your organization, Nancy has the skills to lead you in the right direction.

 From personal experience, Nancy has found a mission for reaching out and encouraging those serving a loved one in a caregiving role. Writing and speaking to the realities of this experience is another way she reaches out to others.

How Nancy Connects With People


Drawing upon decades of experience Nancy is able to connect with people, and relate with people from diverse life experiences.


Nancy is intrigued by people’s stories and life experiences. She has a desire to meet them where they are but also help them move toward healthier life experiences.


Nancy is skilled at active listening, analyzing situations and developing action steps for growth and resolution.


Listening to people share their story Nancy is able to help individuals consider different aspects of a conflict and find creative ways to work towards reconciliation and restoration.


Nancy has a way of asking questions in a nonjudgmental manner that encourages people to share their feelings and consider new approaches to resolving conflict.


Nancy brings reality and perception into a conversation so that individuals begin to understand how varied life experiences influence the way we see the world and other people. With this new understanding Nancy is able to help people work toward peace and resloving conflict.


A teacher at heart, Nancy will provide you with concrete action steps that will help your community resolve conflict and work towards reconciliation.

Striving for Healthy Resolution

Experience has taught Nancy that children, teenagers, and adults can be taught the skills to resolve conflict and make peacemaking a normal part of life.

Whether in a classroom, business, or organization, this has to be an intentional process that the organization’s leadership and key stakeholders invest in.

Nancy has developed strategies and plans that can work with the youngest preschool child to the most mature adults.

While working with teenagers as part of a conflict resolution club in Western Massachusetts, a mother came to Nancy, amazed at how her daughter, a member of the club, had led her sisters through a peacemaking process. The mother was used to conflict. She was used to serving as referee and settling issues for her children. This mother was excited that her daughter was learning how to resolve conflict, and serving as a peacemaker in her family. Mom was used to conflict, but not resolution and was glad to see the change.

Healthy resolution can be a goal for all ages, when a group or individual is willing to be intentional, using strategies and plans for peace.