Conflict Resolution

Conflict within community is a reality...let us help you find restored relationships
Restore relationships previously hampered by conflict

Transform your church’s approach to dealing with conflict.

Conflict interferes with unity.

Conflict within a community can be caused by many things. Personal agendas, misunderstandings, jealousy, grudges, trauma, past wounds, a bad day at home or work, the list goes on.

Jesus longed for his followers to be known by a spirit of love and unity. A unity that helps point people to God. If we are caught in a cycle that bypasses peace, we are limiting our mission and vision.

Conflict is a normal part of community life. We need an approach to conflict that will allow for restoration, transformation, and renewal of relationships.

Be the church Christ wants by making a change.



How we can help

A Place in the Conversation will customize a plan based on your current situation. We can give you the tools to work through a current problem or plan for future issues. With our unique program, you can choose a plan that meets the needs of your congregation, and staff.

We can help if you are in the midst of conflict or if you want to take time during a period of peace to develop a plan for dealing with future conflict.


Help Navigate an existing conflict

Is your leadership team struggling to find unity as they chart a path forward? If conflict is taking the joy out of community life, we can help find ways of working together that restore harmony.


Create a Peacemaking Plan

Seasons of harmony and peace are the perfect times to think about how your community will deal with conflict when it arises. Let us help you put together a peacemaking plan that is unique to your congregation.



Mediation is one tool to help resolve conflict. Nancy is a trained mediator with experience helping resolve disputes that are destroying relationships. Let us help you find a path toward peace and reconciliation.

Navigating Existing Conflict

If conflict is taking time and energy away from pursuing the vision and work of your congregation, let us help.

We can work with leaders and members to TRANSFORM your approach to conflict.

We will analyze the conflict and then work with your community to craft a path towards reconciliation, peace, and renewed teamwork.

Consultations and personal involvement in your situation will provide customized help.

Training and coaching will allow church leaders and members to develop the skills needed to address conflict openly, and honestly. The goal of resolution and restoration is reached by making a plan that fits the needs of your group.

Creating a Peacemaking Plan

Your church has a mission.

Your church has vision.

Keep on track by developing a plan to navigate conflict peacefully.

A healthy congregation has a plan to navigate conflict in order to restore unity that demonstrates the love of Jesus.

Knowing conflict will come, you can have the tools in place to navigate conflict while restoring relationships and remaining focused on your church’s vision.

Using a season of harmony and peace to prepare a peacemaking plan will ensure you are ready to navigate the next conflict in a way that leads to restored relationship.

Let our team help you develop a peacemaking plan that is unique to your community. 


Conflicts can often seem insurmountable and impossible.

Those involved can become so entrenched in the details and emotions that finding a path forward becomes overwhelming.

Personal interests are too important, and compromise seems like losing. Being in the same room together can often lead to inappropriate responses and harmful actions.

In situations like these, help is needed.

Often, a third party can help navigate a path toward resolution.

 Mediation is a tool that can be used to resolve conflict peacefully. As a tool, it can lead to restored relationships and transformed situations.

Let one of our trained mediators help resolve conflict so you can focus on your mission and vision.

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