Community Conversations

Healthy communities exist when people feel safe enough to share the truth of their experiences. Creating healthy spaces where individuals feel heard and can listen to the voices of others is one of the most healing things we can do for a hurting world.

Safe Conversations – the key to healing and transformation

Do you remember the last conversation where someone truly listened to your story? How about the last time you were the “safe place” for someone to share the truth of their story? Times like these are sacred.

One of the things that amazes me about the Jesus of the gospels is the way in which he allowed people from all walks of life to share the truth of their experiences. Jesus listens, allowing people the opportunity to share the reality of life with him. Time and again Jesus demonstrates a grace and love which seems strangely absent in our world today.

Some of Jesus’ most striking interactions come with people who expected anything but a welcoming spirit. In the presence of Jesus, they find their “place in the conversation” and amazing things happen. We long to see that spirit move within our families and communities.

At APITC we strive to be part of life-giving conversations that “set captives free” to experience the best this life has to offer. 

We believe that by learning to listen to each other the Spirit’s voice will speak through everything that is shared and we will move closer to what Jesus talked about as “life to the full.”

To that end, we work to create safe spaces where people can share the truth of their experience without fear of judgment or being told their story does not matter.

Clergy Conversations

Dan has served as a pastor for over thirty years. He knows all too well how easy it is for pastors and other leaders focused on serving others to neglect self-care.

Dan is committed to helping pastors build the kind of safe, caring relationships where they can find support and encouragement.

Working with clergy currently serving within our community Dan is investing part of his retirement years to strengthen the relationships between local clergy, their congregations, and the wider community.

Book Clubs

Throughout the year APITC sponsors book clubs to explore issues of spiritual growth and community life.

Our goal is to create safe spaces where people can share ideas, and experiences, and learn from one another. We welcome everyone to join in these times of learning and exploration.

Discussion Groups

From time to time APITC will sponsor community discussion groups around different issues that are impacting our world.

We strive for a diversity of thought and life experience. Our goal is that as people find a place in the conversation they will learn about themselves, others, and the Spirit’s work in our world.