Mission, Vision, Values

Everyone deserves a "place in the conversation"


“A Place in the Conversation” is committed to working towards the restoration and transformation of individuals and communities so they may enjoy life to the full.


We are dedicated to helping facilitate the restoration of relationship that leads to healing and transformation. We believe the transformation begins when each person finds their place in the conversation. A place where they can speak and be heard.


Partnering with individuals and communities we work to create safe spaces where people can share their story, listen to others, and grow as individuals and community.


Partnership is key for A Place in the Conversation. We believe individuals and communities are at their best when they work together for the common good.

Rather than create “new” programs we look for places to join in and support the great work already being done in our community.


We seek to model our work after the example of Jesus found within the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

Time and again, Jesus opened his heart to everyone he encountered. Rich or poor, weak or powerful, deeply religious or doubting.

Jesus tore down divisions, expanded boundaries, enlarged people’s understanding of who was loved, and made sure every person’s voice was heard.

To that end, our goal is to have these core values guide all our interactions.

Our Core Values


Peaceful Resolution

We believe in honestly seeking to identify sources of conflict and obstacles to growth, then addressing them with openness and integrity in order to find a positive resolution for all involved parties.


Healthy Relationships

We believe in the importance of positive working relationships to ensure the health of an individual and organization.



We believe in discernment, taking the time for reflection to find truth and direction for an individual or organization. We will live our best life, and accomplish the greatest work if we can discern the Spirit’s invitation. The Spirit is alive, well, and working in our life and world, once we discern how and where we can join in that work and experience “life to the full” as individuals and communities.


Importance of the Individual

We value and respect each individual involved in the process of relational restoration and transformation.  Each person is to be considered as essential and important in the journey toward the goal of restoration and transformation.


Honesty of Emotion

We believe individuals involved in the process of relational restoration and transformation need to acknowledge and understand their personal emotions and then freely express those feelings to other involved parties in a safe and open way; while allowing others the freedom to openly express their feelings.



We value the ability to share openly and honestly knowing all the individuals involved in the process will respect the opinions of others and hold them in confidence unless given permission to do otherwise.


Embracing the Journey

We believe that restoration and transformation of relationship is a process, not a destination.  The journey cannot be defined by predictable stages, limited by a timetable or pre-determined goals.  The final goals can, and often will, evolve as the individual or community progresses on the journey.