Spiritual Formation

"Noverim te, noverim me"

“May I know you, may I know myself”

A Place in the Conversation (APITC) is dedicated to helping facilitate the restoration of relationship that leads to healing and transformation.

 We believe true transformation begins when each person finds their “place in the conversation.” A place where they can speak freely, are truly heard, and learn from the experiences of others.

 This is especially true when it comes to our relationship with God.

“Noverim te, noverim me”… “May I know you, may I know myself” is the cry of the seeker and those who desire what Jesus described when he proclaimed, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

It is a prayer for those who desire to connect with the core of their spiritual being and explore a deeper relationship with God.

It is a cry that runs counter to much of our culture. Surrounded by people who want little more than a momentary “experience” of things spiritual, the true seeker joins with the writer of Ecclesiastes and says, “I have tasted much that this world has to offer and found it wanting…there must be more.”

As we grow to a deeper understanding of who we are in our relationship with God, spiritual direction helps provide focus. We learn to seek God’s leading, guiding, and directing for every season of life.

The storms of life will still rage, trouble will come our way, and we will know pain. Yet, in the midst of all life brings our way, we will seek the Spirit, and we can know Jesus’s “peace that passes all understanding.” (Philippians 4:7)

While each person’s spiritual journey will appear different, there will be common stages. The one thing every journey has in common is that it begins right where you are, with a desire to grow a deeper relationship with God.

We welcome the opportunity to journey with you.

Spiritual Direction

At A Place in the Conversation, we understand spiritual direction to be an intentional relationship focused on paying attention to the working of the Spirit in all aspects and areas of a person’s life.

 We plan for vacations, retirement, the weekend, and our next big purchase but let our spiritual development simply happen without giving it a second thought. All too often, we go through life blind to how the Spirit of God is at work all around us. Distracted by the “noise” and busyness of our daily routines, we all too easily miss the direction and blessings of God. At other times we may be aware of God working and moving in our lives but choose to put off thinking about what that movement could mean for who we are becoming as we move toward maturity.

 Spiritual direction is a special relationship whose focus is to help people look for God’s activity within every area of their life experience. Spiritual direction is a safe place to explore questions and concerns about your spiritual life. Participating in spiritual direction invites you to explore a deeper relationship with God in the midst of your life experience.

Guided Retreats

Times of retreat for spiritual development are nothing new. The early church saw great value in intentionally removing yourself from “normal” surroundings and stepping aside to focus on the spiritual life. We see Jesus demonstrate this pattern in his life as he slipped away for times of quiet with Abba Father. Those times of quiet shaped and empowered the interactions Jesus had with the people who crossed his path. 

 We see great value in following the example of Jesus and intentionally setting aside times apart from this world’s busyness to listen for God’s still small voice.

 Many members of even the healthiest congregations struggle to believe they can and will communicate with the God they worship. They struggle to discern between their thoughts and the leading of the Spirit. Frustrated, they settle for less than “life to the full” and stop seeking God in the midst of the ordinary and every day.

Our leaders will work with your group to plan and facilitate times that train people to discern how the Spirit is speaking.