Spiritual Formation Catalyst

Daniel Nicewonger – Spiritual Formation Catalyst

Daniel Nicewonger, Spiritual Formation Catalyst

Daniel Nicewonger serves as the Executive Director for A Place in the Conversation and Spiritual Formation Catalyst of Noverim te, noverim me.  An ordained American Baptist pastor, Dan has served congregations in Malden, MA, Cortland, NY, Springfield, MA, and Kennett Square, PA.  His life is guided by a personal vision statement which defines what it means for him to be faithful to God’s call upon his life.

Vision Statement

Success* is continuing to allow the Spirit of God to work in my life, maturing and shaping the person I am becoming, all the while remaining sensitive and responsive to the leading of the Spirit…

Success is empowering Nancy to know and pursue God’s call upon her life.  To love her, support her and encourage her in such a way that she is comfortable taking bold steps…

Success is helping Joseph and Rayann grow into adults who love Jesus, and are mature, responsible adults who know and pursue God’s call upon their lives…

Success is helping people encounter Jesus in the midst of their everyday lives…

Success is gathering a people who have experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ in their lives and joining together, working to transform tired, weary institutions into energized, mission focused fellowships passionate about sharing Christ with the world.

* Success is remaining faithful to what I understand God’s vision for my life to be.


As Executive Director he provides vision for the way Beyond Classroom Conflict, Aim for Resolution, and Noverim te, noverim me work together to bring about relational transformation and renewal.  His organizational skills help ensure everything is accomplished efficiently and in a timely manner.

As Spiritual Formation Catalyst Dan works thru Noverim te, noverim me to help people encounter Jesus in the midst of their everyday lives.  He seeks to help people learn how to enter times of quiet and hear that still small voice of God speaking directly to them.  God’s leading and directing has been important in shaping the direction of his life and he desires all people to enjoy the thrill of “life to the full” that Jesus promises.




BA in Christian Education, Messiah College, 1990

M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1994

Youth Ministry Concentration, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1994


Continuing Education:

Larry Crabb School of Spiritual Direction, 2009

Larry Crabb Next Step School of Spiritual Direction, 2009

Professional Development:

Nehemiah Leadership Network, 2005

NCCJ Community Conversation on Race Facilitator, 2006

Stephen’s Ministry Facilitator, 2004


Work Experience:

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Kennett Square, PA

TST, Corning Inc, Midland, NC

Senior Pastor, Church in the Acres, Springfield, MA

Protestant Campus Chaplain, Western New England University, Springfield MA

Assistant Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, Cortland NY

Youth Pastor, Maplewood Baptist Church, Malden MA

Youth Pastor, Shared Ministry, Harrisburg PA

Staff Director, Camp Pinnacle, Voorheesville NY


Volunteer Experience:

Program Coordinator, Live Again Ministries, Locust, NC

Community Representative, Duggan Middle School, Springfield MA

Greater Cortland Youth Rally, Founder, Cortland NY

Cortland Co. Youth Time Out Program, Host Family, Cortland NY

Community Outreach, Messiah College, Harrisburg PA